What is this?

We are Grantsburg is your place for community news, sports, and commentary. We seek to provide the best high school sports coverage in the area. While the title makes it obvious that Grantsburg will be our main focus, we will be bringing you the news from other local communities as well.

What about Bob?

I’m Bob Rombach, the creator and content manager of We are Grantsburg. I absolutely love doing this. It began as a hobby and as a way to give back to a community that has given my family and me a true home. Then it turned into something that was able to provide for my family while still maintaining its main goal of promoting community pride. There’s nothing I’d rather do than to bring this pursuit back to life and provide someplace you can check in on while you’re doing your daily surfing to find something (usually positive) about your community.

Our Recent Journey.

In 2011, three years after I started We are Grantsburg, our family moved to Illinois to pursue some opportunities and while we don’t regret it at all, however, we never brought our hearts with us to our new life. When people there would ask us where we were from we would tell them where we were currently living, but instinctively add that we were from a small town in Northwestern Wisconsin called Grantsburg. It seems Grantsburg (and Burnett County, really) had a hold of us. We finally realized in the summer of 2017 that it was time to go home. In fact, when I posted about it on Facebook that we were moving back to Grantsburg, one of our friends replied, “How exciting for you guys! I know you have physically been here for 5 years but I don’t think your hearts ever fully made the move.” I think she was right.


My wife now works at St. Croix Regional Medical Center as a physical therapist. She’ll be in the Frederic and Webster clinics most of the time, but you will likely see her volunteering on the sidelines as a medical personnel.

We have four kids who are also very excited to be home. Entering the 2017-18 school year they are in 9th, 6th, and 3rd grades and our little guy just turned two.